Consulting and Planning Services

LJCooper Wealth Advisors is an independent financial consulting firm and registered investment advisory firm. We provide consulting services and financial planning to individuals, families, companies, estates, trusts and foundations. Our strategic approach incorporates several disciplines to better serve the needs and goals of our clients. Focusing not only on performance but including income and tax efficient practices in our globally diversified portfolios, we are able to help clients convert assets such as land, small businesses, or retirement plans (401K, IRA, etc) into more-diversified investment portfolios. In many cases, doing this has helped our clients reduce taxes, avoid costly mistakes, and preserve their wealth.

Many financial consulting firms provide a solution for only a single issue. At LJCooper, we provide a holistic approach, integrating all the major areas of a client’s investment goals. Our hand-selected network of financial professionals enables us to offer a full range of services.

We care about building long-term relationships to better assist our clients throughout the changing circumstances that life presents. Our firm is committed to educating our clients to strengthen their ability to build the financial future they desire. We dedicate ourselves to focusing on our client’s financial goals so they can create a quality of life that reflects their deepest values.

Throughout our relationship, LJCooper Wealth Advisors performs the duties of a Personal Chief Financial Officer. Once we implement the plan that our clients approve, we keep them apprised of what is happening with their money, alert them to any factors that may influence their situation, and make recommendations on the smartest ways to help them meet their goals.

Doing business has always revolved around one simple phrase: “If we can add value to your financial plan or investment goals, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you.”

Let us put you on the educated path to a brighter financial future!