Retirement Planning Advice

Many factors affect your ability to retire comfortably or even retire at all. With LJCooper’s understanding of income needs and different retirement options, we offer clarity and retirement help as you set and achieve your retirement goals. At LJCooper, we are not only equipped to help you reach your retirement confidently, but to help you through it as well.

Some of the most common questions individuals have regarding retirement include: When should I take social security? What are the pros and cons to retiring earlier or later based on my current situation? What resources are available to me to help me retire and provide for my needs? At LJCooper, we can help answer these questions and more.

Retirement Planning Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plans
  • Retirement Goals
  • Retirement Options/Strategies
  • Business/Corporation Retirement Planning
  • Income Planning

By planning ahead for your retirement, you can reduce your fear of the future and give yourself peace of mind. Start preparing for retirement now by allowing LJCooper to help you plan your financial well-being.

We try to get [small business owners] in the habit of setting something aside for retirement and for a sustainability plan. I don’t care how much it is; it’s about getting them into the habit.

Craig M. Porter Rollins, Partner

LJCooper Wealth Advisors