Aaron Henderson

Market Timing

This past year has been essentially flat for the stock market as measured by the S&P 500. It closed at 2058 on January 2nd and at 2078 on December 1st, but in that time it has been as high as 2130 (on May 21st) and as low as 1867 (on August 25th). If only one [ [...]

Alex Haviland

Why I Use a Financial Advisor

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is that we get to talk with people every day about what is going on in their life and help them look at solutions that enable them to potentially achieve their financial goals. At LJCooper we are strong advocates of edu [...]

Scott Carlson

2015 Q3 Market Commentary

This past quarter has been a tumultuous and volatile period for global markets. The early summer months, which saw Greece reach a deal with its creditors, feel like a distant memory. Though the fading of Greek related concerns was followed by a continued stream o [...]

Aaron Henderson

The Patience Principle

Knowledge and understanding come at the price of patience. This statement is more relevant now than ever. And the knowledge and understanding that has come over decades of empirical market research shows that volatility and market declines are as much a part of our [...]

Tim Whipple

Living with Market Volatility

The market gyrations of the recent past have been unsettling for many investors. As Dimensional’s Jim Parker states in the attached document, “Living with Market Volatility, Again.” Anxiety is a completely natural response to these events. Acting on those emo [...]

Alex Haviland

Effects of Portfolio Asset Allocation On Retirement

What is the likelihood of having enough money in retirement based on how you’ve allocated your portfolio? I’m one who lets the numbers do the talking, so here is some fascinating research on the effects of asset allocation significantly altering one’s success [...]

Scott Carlson

2015 Q2 Market Commentary

For the second consecutive quarter, investors experienced a mild roller coaster of up and down days in the U.S. and global markets, small panics and surprising rallies that ultimately cancelled each other out in what trading professionals refer to as a sideways mar [...]

Ken Bown

Income Investors: More to the Decision than Yield

Traditionally, investors seeking income to supplement or even replace current income have sought high dividend paying investments assuming that more income will flow. On the surface this is a sound assumption, and one that has been standard investment advice for de [...]

Craig Rollins

Compliance Matters

I had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed for an article that was recently published in Financial Planning magazine. As our industry has come under greater scrutiny to ensure firms are complying with industry regulations, it’s important that LJCoope [...]

Alex Haviland

Will You Have Enough In Retirement?

If you’ve been thinking about retirement and are wondering how you’re doing, this article may interest you. It’s a sad revelation on how little individuals have saved for retirement and how ill-prepared newer generations are going into it. The art [...]