Scott Carlson

Q4 2016 Market Commentary

You know you’re deep into a longstanding bull market when you see things like average pedestrians keeping one eye on the market tickers outside of brokerage houses to see when the Dow Jones Industrial Average has finally breached the 20,000 mark.  Who would have [...]

Alex Haviland

Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

As election day fast approaches many wonder, “What should I do with my investments? Do I hold through, sell, or buy?” Underlying these questions is the inclination many of us have to attempt to time the markets and predict what will happen around certa [...]

Scott Carlson

Q3 2016 Market Commentary

100 days after the Brexit scare, three-quarters of a year after the most recent Fed rate hike, the markets once again confounded the instincts of nervous investors and went up instead of down.  The Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen told the world that the U.S. economy [...]

Alex Haviland

Cash Flow & Budgeting

What it is: Cash flow refers to how you manage your money. Each month you have money that comes in (income) and money that goes out (expenses). The goal is to have your expenses be less than your income. Budgeting is a tool/discipline you can use to help manage you [...]

Scott Carlson

Q2 2016 Market Commentary

It certainly feels like we’re in a bear market, what with the surprising “Brexit” vote in the UK, the dismal first few days of the year and increased volatility across the board.  So it may come as a surprise that the second quarter of 2016 eked out small po [...]

Aaron Henderson

Start Tax Planning for Next Year Now

Start tax planning for next year now With the end of tax season just behind us, many are wondering how in the world they ended up owing Uncle Sam so much in taxes! The common response overhead of “It doesn’t feel like I made that much” makes writing that chec [...]

Scott Carlson

Q1 2016 Market Commentary

The first quarter of the new year has brought us small positive returns in many of the U.S. market indices, which means that investors survived—for now, at least—the worst start to a calendar year ever for the U.S. stock market. The easy call at the beginning o [...]

Ken Bown

Our Investment Philosophy

There are different schools of thought in the investment world. How do you decide which is best for you? Here are some videos to help you understand our investment philosophy and better explain the whys and hows of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Foundations of Dimens [...]

Alex Haviland

Sun Goes Up, Sun Goes Down

Market volatility is as much a part of investing as the sun going up and down is each day. The irony is we never seem to get upset at the sun behaving normally, yet we often criticize the fact that markets do. It seems very few of us want to deal with the fact tha [...]

Scott Carlson

2015 Q4 Market Commentary

In the year just past, we experienced many things—a prelude to a Presidential election, a renewal of terrorist concerns, a trip to Pluto—but in the investment markets, we will look back and yawn.  Despite some entertaining ups and downs, particularly in the th [...]