Ken Bown

Our Investment Philosophy

There are different schools of thought in the investment world. How do you decide which is best for you? Here are some videos to help you understand our investment philosophy and better explain the whys and hows of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Foundations of Dimens [...]

Aaron Henderson

Market Timing

This past year has been essentially flat for the stock market as measured by the S&P 500. It closed at 2058 on January 2nd and at 2078 on December 1st, but in that time it has been as high as 2130 (on May 21st) and as low as 1867 (on August 25th). If only one [ [...]

Ken Bown

Income Investors: More to the Decision than Yield

Traditionally, investors seeking income to supplement or even replace current income have sought high dividend paying investments assuming that more income will flow. On the surface this is a sound assumption, and one that has been standard investment advice for de [...]

Ken Bown

Active Vs Passive Management

It’s been interesting hearing peoples’ comments concerning market performance ending the year 2014. Here’s an article I ran across that supports a philosophy based on a strategic investment approach over a tactical one. For the full article plea [...]